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A few things about me

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Born and raised in beautiful San Diego

Worked and lived mostly in Southern California. Found my passion for Cyber Security (CS) later in my career to capitalize on my problem solving ability.  It took time to realize I had the same tenacity and creativity to solve IT problems as my introverted hacker counterparts. Additionally, I had the personality quirkiness to fit better in CS.  The other professions are exciting as manila folders. The pay is great, and I get to defend the community to fulfill my altruistic mission.

Experienced in accounting, audit, logistics, software support, IT, and cyber security

First, I transitioned from audit to logistics, then logistics to IT, and lastly IT to CS.  To this day, I apply lessons in all previous professions to projects in CS. I use accounting lessons of categorization, accuracy, ROI, and tracing to boost quality of CS work. The logistic lessons of third-party cooperation, track and tracing, reporting, and workbook automation to improve work processes and stay on top of projects.  Experience in software support and various IT jobs help understand the work and issues "behind the scenes".


Strong believer in a work life balance
and looking to travel 

One day, I hope to travel and explore the many beautiful places across the world. In 2021, I visited a few Mayan pyramids in Mexico, and hope to continue similar trips in South America and Egypt. So far, doesn't look like aliens built pyramids- very disappointed. Other places I desire to visit are Japan, Italy, and Australia.

Unquenchable thirst for knowledge
and the unknown

Other than cyber security, I have interest in applications of virtual reality, mixed reality, and 3-D printing. I occasionally read new theories in psychology, neuroscience, astrophysics, ancient history, anthropology, and futurology.  Stranger topics include UFOs (Update 2020 - not a taboo subject anymore) , history of empires and secret societies, parapsychology, and conceptualizing alternate dimensions.

Assembly of books

Lover of the arts

Music is my fuel. I listen to a wide variety of artists and bands, from the annoying and weird, to the brilliant and beautiful. Next on the list is listening to humorous podcasts and standup.  I try to make time to attend live comedy performances. I hope to get to an open mic one day. With or without wine, I love to paint. Painting teaches the power of patience, order, and inspiration. Lastly, I have an interest in Poetry.... yes, poetry. You can discover a number of things about yourself and the world with poetry. 

Staying Active

Working out relieves stress and provides clearer thought. I like to run, hike, and practice all kinds of ball sports... even in virtual reality.




“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” ― Mark Twain. 


Have you questioned  “There has to be an easier or more accurate way to do this?” Most likely the answer is "yes". That's the road to diligence.


Ability to empathize is effective to change yourself and others. In business, it allows a person to lead effectively and keep healthy relationships.


Top 3 or 2022

1) Join a quirky and creative team that will utilize by leadership and CS experience.

2) Get a few certifications out the way.  

3) Save money and get involved with investment opportunities. 

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